Monday, October 15, 2012

Gettin' closer...

Saturday was a great day at the Hook. The weather at the shore was spectacular, not too hot and beautifully sunny. I brought the first of the fiberglass Ajax nosecones down to sand the excess fiberglass off and trim the polyurethane foam filler. I got it pried out of the mold - with some troubling spots on the mold that will need repair before I can cast the second one. But the good news is that this one looks great!

Then I got into a rhythm with the grinder and just wailed on the second missile. I made great headway in spite of busting two backing plates.

I broke the centers right out of them. But man was it worth it.

I still have a ways to go but it makes the trip a bit easier when you open the door to both missile bodies being almost all bare metal. A little bit more paint removal to go and we get to start a side project - I need a support to suspend these for painting. I found some pipe and first I'm going to try to fabricate a stand. More on that next time.

'til then.... Blazing Skies!!!