Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 3 Mid-Week Review

Last weekend, disassembly took a backseat to the tours, but was by no means a washout. I learned more about the properties of the Aircraft Stripper. We got a nice air compressor, and I had the foresight to keep taking pictures. Pictures in general and specifically digital photography offers a view of a point in time and space.I wanted to document the corrosion and deterioration of the missile rocket nozzle. My pictures, particularly the ones I choose to share here, offer me an opportunity to review the tasks at hand and discuss the possible solutions to the problems that age and weather have wreaked. Case in point:

When I took this picture I was concerned with (and still am) the best way to rebuild the badly damaged and missing material. So in the process of exploration I tried sticking the camera into the missile body to "see" the inside. What I got did not further the nozzle solution but threw a whole new light on the possibility of opening up the missile!

I looked at this one and saw the side panel screws. Hmmm. I stuck my arm further in and found more:

This is where I truly began having a new respect for the little digital camera. I set it for Macro closeups and started taking pictures of the inside of the fasteners. Most of this is "by guess and by gosh" since I had my arm stuck up inside and just made my best guess as to what I needed to shoot.

The good news is that it *MAY* be possible to get penetrating oil to assist in breaking these free. Boy I hope so, the thought of drilling them all is ugly <shiver>. So I ordered a gallon of Kroil. We shall see if it lives up to its reputation.

Meantime, I started cataloging the areas like the nozzle. This was what I found under the first main fin I removed. It's gonna be a challenge.

Oh well, 'til next time......... Blazing Skies!

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