Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day

Part of the success of a project like this is to keep hammering away at it. It seems like there are always a dozen more reasons for not going down to the Hook than there are for. This weekend was no different. I had a St. Patrick's Day party to go to for which we were responsible for bringing a Shepard's Pie. Sandy was opening the Pro Desk at the Depot so we agreed to meet back at the house when she got off at 3. So I made my way down to Sandy Hook and when I got there had a great meeting with Jennifer Wolff, the Supervisory Park Ranger. Took her to the A&S Building and went through what progress had been made, what tasks were due in the short term and things that the Park Service could do to help the progress. I brought Ranger Wolff back to her station and spent the rest of my day cleaning and putting stuff back in order then taking the garbage to the dumpster. The place looked good when I left and It will be easier to start in on the next visit. "Til next time..... Blazing Skies!!

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